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The 17th Executive Committee of LSHK (2018 - 2019)


President:                 Andy Chin

                                    The Education University of Hong Kong 

Vice-President:        Kwok, Bit-chee

                                     The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Secretary:                 Felix Sze

                                     The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Treasurer:                  Winnie Chor

                                     The Hong Kong Baptist University

Communications     Lau, Chaak-ming

Coordinator:             The Chinese University of Hong Kong 

Newsletter Editor:   Chen, Si

                                       The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


Member-at-large:    John Wakefield

                                      The Hong Kong Baptist University

Member-at-large:    Casear Lun

                                      City University of Hong Kong 



Past Executive Committees of LSHK