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The Jyutping Work Group


The Jyutping Work Group in the past years have compiled a LSHK Jyutping Word List (香港語言學學會粵拼詞表). The words in the list come from various sources: Andy Chin's Mid-20th Century Hong Kong Cantonese Corpus, Shin Kataoka and Cream Lee's teaching materials, and EDB's 《香港小學學習字詞表》。

Members of the Jyutping Word List Group:

  • Cheung Kwan Hin (Convenor)

  • Andy Chin

  • Peter Chung

  • Cream Lee

  • Caesar Lun

  • Vicky Man

  • Tang Sze Wing

Access to the LSHK Jyutping Word List

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