President's Message


Welcome to The Linguistic Society of Hong Kong’s (LSHK) website. Established in 1986, LSHK’s members are all teachers or students of linguistics and/or have published linguistics related research. We have more than 65 full members in addition to our student members. LSHK organizes an Annual Research Forum (ARF) every December at one of the universities in Hong Kong. We organize an annual Workshop on Cantonese (WOC), which is held at different times each year. Our society also sponsors the annually held International Conference on Yue Dialects.


Over the years LSHK has created a number of work groups to address specific linguistic issues. For example, in 1993 the Work Group on Jyutping designed and proposed the now widely used Cantonese Romanization system known as Jyutping. In 2013 the Bilingual Glossary Work Group was formed to create an English-Chinese and Chinese-English bilingual glossary. We also have a Language Policy Work Group.


We annually organize a peer-reviewed process for selecting and awarding an Outstanding Theses Award to any outstanding linguistic theses that are written by postgraduate research students of Hong Kong-based universities. We also grant fieldwork scholarship money to postgraduate research students whose proposals successfully make it through our review process. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have ideas or suggestions on what we could do to better serve the linguistic community in Hong Kong and abroad. We are a non-profit organization that relies on volunteer work, membership fees, and donations, and we are therefore very grateful to all of our members and donors for their support.


Peppina Lee

President of the 18th LSHK Executive Committee


Constitution of LSHK (Chinese)

Constitution of LSHK (English)